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Fuji Xerox Finisher (Stacker) Staple Cartridges - 3 x 5K to fit Fuji Xerox DocuCentre III 2007, DocuCentre III 3007, DocuCentre II C3000, DocuCentre III C3100, DocuCentre III C4100, DocuCentre C5065, DocuCentre C5400, DocuCentre C5540, DocuCentre C6500, DocuCentre C7500, DocuCentre C6650i, ApeosPort C5540i, ApeosPort C6075, ApeosPort C6650, ApeosPort C7550, Document Centre C250, Document Centre C360, Document Centre C450, DocuCentre II C2200, DocuCentre II 3300, DocuCentre II 4300, DocuCentre II 4300H, DocuCentre IIIC4400, ApeosPort II C2200, ApeosPort II 3300, ApeosPort II 4300, ApeosPort II 4300H, ApeosPort III C4400

Fuji Xerox Code: CWAA0540

Contains 3 packs of 5,000 staples



In stock     Qty Available: 10-20     Free Shipping on orders over $200.00

Product Model: CWAA0540
Manufacturer: Fuji Xerox
Product Type: Printer Accessory
Yield: 3 packs x 5000Yield Information
Price: $165.43 $143.55 inc. GST
Availability: In stock
Suitable for:
  • Fuji Xerox ApeosPort C5540 I  
  • Fuji Xerox ApeosPort C6550 I  
  • Fuji Xerox ApeosPort C7550 I  
  • Fuji Xerox ApeosPort II C5400  
  • Fuji Xerox ApeosPort II C6500  
  • Fuji Xerox ApeosPort II C7500  
  • Fuji Xerox Docucentre C5540 I  
  • Fuji Xerox Docucentre C6550 I  
  • Fuji Xerox Docucentre C7550 I  
  • Fuji Xerox Docucentre-II C3000  
  • Fuji Xerox Docucentre-II C5400  
  • Fuji Xerox Docucentre-II C6500  
  • Fuji Xerox Docucentre-II C7500  
  • Fuji Xerox Docucentre-III C3100  
  • Fuji Xerox Docucentre-III C4100  
  • Fuji Xerox Docucolor 5065  
  • Fuji Xerox Docucolor 5065 II  
  • Fuji Xerox Docucolor 6075 II  
Product Type Description: Printer accessories extend the functionality of your printer.

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